The Beer has arrived! And loads of records!

It’s getting smaller in the shop as all the goodies for Saturday arrive… We’ve got stacks of fantastic Record Store Day vinyl that keeps arriving in huge boxes and The Beer is here!

The Official Record Store Day Rules apply to all the fine folk who wander through the door.
All items are 1 per person, sold on a 1st come 1st served basis.
No pre-orders!
You can buy as many different items as you want.
We will be open from 9am-6pm (but the music carries on later I think…)

Cash Only Sales we’re afraid.

The weather looks pretty good too so what could be better? Music, more music, vinyl, music, beer, live music and a spot of music.

See you there

Record Store Day Update… Live bands and Beer!

Static Records Wigan Record Store Day 2014

Here are a few more details about Record Store Day 2014

Sat 19th April

Shop opens at 9am – 6pm

Lot’s of exclusive Record Store Day releases on sale
– contemporary and classic –

Record Store Day beer will be on sale too and lots of it!

Live music behind The Coven

Bands will be performing live:
Duke St Workshop
Dave Rybka
Quaintest Show On Earth
Brendan Oleary
Neil Jarvis
+ more

The Records Store Day list is up!

Have a look at the Records Store Day list that’s just been published on the official site.

Record Store Day 2014 Releases

There’s a great selection in the 607 exclusive releases for this year.

Feel free to Tweet or email with any requests and we will see what we can do.


Record Store Day and other things

We’ve been getting offers of a lot of lovely stuff for Record Store Day which is on it’s way in just over a months time on the 19th April. Pop back for more news on what’s planned for the day at Static Records, if it’s anything like last year it should be a splendid music filled affair indeed.
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Mondays Closed till further notice

Just to confirm that the shop will be closed on Mondays till further notice.

11am till 5pm,  Tuesday till Saturday for the rest of the week.

Email me for any special requests. Ta

Static Records Wigan will be taking part in Record Store Day 2014

Taking place Saturday April 19th.

Keep checking back for information on events for the biggest day of the year!

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