Some News Things

TVAM played are rare in-store gig at the shop on Saturday.
Afterwards Joe sold copies of his new single to fans and chatted about his love of horse racing and mind bending drugs.

If you missed out the single is available through BLAK HAND RECORDS, Liverpool.






Thank you to all who came along on Record Store Day.
It was a very successful fun day.
The day started with our first official queue, everyone was well behaved and only one shove from the back.
The shop was busy all day and from midday we had music and live bands through the afternoon and evening in the Coven garden.
And then from 8pm live music at the Old Courts around the corner. Fantastic unforgettable day.

Thank you to everyone who joined in. x
the queue at Static Records Wigan 2015

specials lp

Here is a video made by our friend Pete Kennedy, to promote RSD 2015. Enjoy…

The award for t-shirt of the year….goes to…Captain Kronos!

tshirt of the year 2015